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Children everywhere deserve the opportunity to think big, to dream about what they want to be when they grow up. Often it is through the wonder of books that such dreams are ignited in the hearts and minds of children.

For many children globally, however, books are not readily available. The wonders of space and art, music and drama, sports and travel and science, are not freely open to their minds because their access to books is so limited. A boy in Ghana or a girl in the Philippines may never own his or her own book and may never know the thrill of being a master sleuth or of flying through the galaxies toward a new adventure.

Until now.

The gift of knowledge is a priceless, life-changing gift. Together we can give hope to thousands of children worldwide. By participating in Chapters of Hope, you will not just be giving a book, you will be changing a life.

By giving $1, or even the change from a purchase, you will be helping change a life.

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Chapters of Hope, filling children's minds with knowledge and dreams

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